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    November 5, 2012
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by the day. this election is in your hands, and i have faith in the american people. we will have the results back here on wednesday night. fox's coverage continues tonight and tomorrow night. greta is next. see you after the election. in tonight, 1 hour, 59 minutes and 55 seconds polls open in two tiny new hampshire location. the election has started. meanwhile they are rallying the supporters to get out the vote. >> tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. this nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow. >> this should not be that complicated. we tried our ideas. they worked. the economy grew, we created jobs, and we tried their ideas. they didn't work. the economy didn't grow, not as many jobs and the deficit went
up. >> i got news for romney and ryan. gentlemen, it's never, ever been a good bet to bet against the americanople! never! folks, we need you, virginia. with your help we will win virginia, we win virginia, we win this election! >> my thoughts, my intellectual analysis of this, factoring everything i see plus the polling data, not even close. 300 plus electoral votes for romney. >> when the president of the runs is asking people to vote as revenge, you have to know that's pretty desperate. >> what we see now is an admission and the presidency littered with broken promises. it's the most partisan atmosphere we've seen in decades. he didn't bring people together, he divided people. >> you know that i know what real change looks like because you have seen me fight for it.
i have the scars to prove it. i have the gray hair to prove it. and you have had my back in that fight. and after all we've been through together, we can't give up on it now. we've got more work to do. >> everything obama has done has hurt the economy, has hurt healthcare. everything he has harmed the debt, has worsened the deficit. there isn't anything that's improved. nothing. >> i actually think the question of this election comes down to this. do you want four more years like the last four years? >> no! >> or do you want real change? >> yes! >> real change is not just something i talk about. it's something i have done and i will do as the next president of the united states. >> and just in two nationals poll showing the same results, gov. romney up by one.
going gram lop and racemessen showing him leading president obama 49% to 38%. that's well within the margin of error. newt gingrich joins us. before we talk about those, dixville and about 59 men's? >> it's great. it's the american drama. after all the talk, all the ads, all the upon -- ponficating, the american people get to tell us. >> we will get to new hampshire in a second. new national policy just in, gov. romney up by one. i mean, it's tied. do these national polls mean anything right now or should we be focusing on these state by state? >> i don't think anything means anything you can reeye on. there are two alternative universes out there. if you believe, as one national
poll did two days ago, that there is going to be an 11% more democratic voting base, they got to a tie between romney and obama by saying it will the democrats 1 is% more likely to vote. that's higher than 2008. that's in conceivable. you have to wonder where their brain was at. on the other hand, if you believe as i do, as a lot of other key players do that the energy, the enthusiasm, the drive is on the romney side, i'll give you one example. they are talking about democratic early voting in ohio. but they are counting the counties along the ohio river which are coal country, which are second amendment gun rights country, which are a god fearing country, all the things obama used to have contempt for back in san francisco in 2008. those democrats are going to vote against obama. they didn't go early voting to vote for obama. they are next to west virginia where a convicted felon got 40% of the democratic primary for
president. so i think you are likely to see a romney, my personal gets guess is you will see a romney landslide, 53% plus in the popular and vote and 300 electoral votes plus and we may come very close to capturing control of the senate in that context. >> i polled the people who are looking at the polls. and the people who are projecting a gov. romney win are dick morris, michael, karl rove, joe galer, someone you told me about and rush limbaugh i heard in that sound bite. >> but it's two different universes. either the traditional liberal media and pollsters of right and they believe there will be a huge obama turnout, but i was very struck yesterday when the new york times reporter said the states he had been this last week, his phrase as the organic enthusiasm was all for romney. there was a mechanical machine for obama and there was organic
enthusiasm for romney. my experience in politics is organic enthusiasm, the whole wave effect always beats the mechanics. >> is there anything either candidate can do between now and the polls closing tomorrow night? >> oh, yeah. romney is doing it. >> so there still is something to be done? >> when romney goes to pittsburgh tomorrow in the middle of coal country, with obama's war against coal. obama is appealing to eastern ohio, he's appealing to the people in pittsburgh, but he's also appealing to western virginia wishes is coal country, and places like kentucky and missouri and southern illinois and west virginia. the fact that they added pittsburgh tomorrow is a big deal. he's going to go into the ethnic, the eastern european parts of cleveland. cleveland is the second largest hungarian city besides budapest.
it's huge. a romney rally among those folks is going to undercut of lot of obama's vote in that county. >> is that to get out the vote to encourage and get the enthusiasm up or do you think there are some people actually undecided in those pockets? >> i think there are some undecided but i think there are a lot more people who aren't quite sure they are even going to vote yet. suddenly they get this surge of energy. i think the numbers, for example, in madison, wisconsin, which are very striking. madison has a local very, very liberal congresswoman running for the u.s. senate. i thought their turnout would be way up. they had a rally in madison, 18,000 people there. >> the student population there is up around 40,000 or $50,000. >> right. four years ago there were 80,000 people there. that means the rally four years ago was more than four times bigger than the rally this year. second example in madison. their absentee ballot turnout is
down radically. the republican counties are up. i think paul ryan and frankly people in wisconsin, as you know as a good cheese head, people in wisconsin are very proud of the local boy doing well and i think ryan is likely to help carry the state. my guess is wisconsin will go for romney. >> president bill clinton, we brought up pennsylvania. i thought it unusual that he -- the fact that he was going to pennsylvania for president obama this late was actually case that the obama campaign was not so certain that that is locked up? >> the fact that romney was in bucks county sunday night for a huge rally, i think over 30,000 people, the fact that he's coming back to pittsburgh which we are told is the second biggest area of democrats for romney after north carolina, is a bag indicator. the fact that karl rove's group, he himself said has put $2 million in advertising this week into pennsylvania tells you pennsylvania is a plan. i agree with you," it's smart to send bill clinton is because
obama can't help himself. there are though votes there that he doesn't have that a visit by them will get. and bill clinton is a great campaigner. but i think faced with the war on coal and takessed with the cultural value differences, clinton is not going to have very much impact in pennsylvania. >> what's your thought on this? you know president obama pretty well. you have worked with him for many years as an opponent. the political marriage between president obama and president clinton now, why? >> first of all, just as i'm a loyal republican, bill clinton is a loyal democrat. the party was good to him. it created who he is. his natural instinct is to campaign and he likes campaigning. it's fun. his wife works for the guy. i mean -- >> his wife also ran against the guy in the campaign in '08 and essentially called it a tough race. >> it it was a tough race. but i suspect that bill clinton
is collecting iou's in case hillary wants to run in 2016. now, i think that knowing -- knowing bill clinton, i'm confident that he thinks her running in 2016 is a good idea. >> all right. i was going to look at some of the senate races. massachusetts, scott brown and elizabeth. >> i think brown has pulled in. it's a tough seat to keep but he's had a very, very good campaign and elizabeth warren has some pretty strange weaknesses in pretending to be a native-american, et cetera. it's a hard race. in my mind that's one of the hardest races to call in the country. >> in wisconsin. tammy baldwin is former governor tommy thompson. >> thompson beats by probably six or eight points. >> that many? >> yeah. the fact in the end everybody who is undecided will vote for
tommy. you know the state well. would you say would you like a madison liberal in the u.s. senate? >> there's a newspaper, the green bay president gazette, it has endorsed gov. romney, republican. and it has endorsed tammy baldwin, a very liberal democrat and passed over governor thompson. >> that's a surprise. tommy thompson has won five straight races in the state. he helped invent welfare reform and helped invent school choice. he knows more about healthcare than almost any elected official in the country. and i campaigned with him two weeks ago. my instinct is he's going to win by probably a slightly bigger margin than romney is going to carry the state. >> missouri, senator mccassel and congressman aitkin. >> i've been campaigning out there, and i really like todd aitkin. i think he was given a bum wrap by the national establishment.
she is a very obama-like voter in the state which voted 71% against obamacare and she voted for obamacare six weeks later. romney will carry the state probably by eight to twelve points. i think aitkin is going to win by probably three points. >> if president obama is re-elected," and i obviously know you don't want him to be re-elected, and you chuckle -- what happens when everyone convenes back in washington? >> i think that would depend on obama. you know, obama, something he has not shown at all yet, obama would have to be willing to actually listen. now whether or not he has the capacity to, john boehner will be the speaker of the house, period, that's done. it's over. so is he going to sit down and listen to boehner or just go through some tracksal bologna meeting? will he talk with conservatives or just lecture them? we have no evidence as of today that barack obama is capable of
listening to anybody who doesn't agree with him >> he says the other way around, that the republicans decided that he was going to be a one term president and they would say no to everything he said. >> sure. the question is i said, is he willing to listen. the question is, come in and say, hi, i am going to ram through everything i want and use harry reid to block everything you want. if you listen to him on the stump, anybody who agrees with me, i'll work with. well, he ain't going to get very far with that attitude. >> senator harry reid, you expect the senate remains democratic? >> it may. if it does, it will be narrower. and if romney becomes president, his first real job will be to create a romney democratic wing by reaching out to senators who are coming up for election in 2014 and senators who agree with him philosophically. but he will have to have six or eight senators in the democratic party willing to vote against him against reed in order to
govern effective. >> what is different in terms of how this town separates if it remains the way it is and the president is re-elected? >> it will be worse because the scandals will get bigger. all the scandals involving solar power will get bigger, benghazi will get bigger. >> why wasn't benghazi brought up by gov. romney? we've been aggressive trying to get the facts at fox news and the administration isn't happy with us about it. but gov. romney, he has not been -- he has not put that as an issue on foreign policy. >> governor romney's job for the last six weeks has been to do exactly what ronald reagan did against jimmy carter. to reassure moderates and women that he is a reasonable person, a positive person and somebody they can trust with the presidency. every time he picks a fight he loses. all of us love it, but he loses ground with the group he needs to finish the election off. i think they have done a very
discipline, a very solid job of communicating what they need to communicate. meanwhile, people like john mccain have been very tough and very direct. lindsay graham has done a good job. darrell issa. none of us have tried to raise the issues in a very aggressive way. >> are you raising it for -- i mean, are you raising it for political reason to defeat president obama or are you raising it because you think this is a time to talk about it and -- >> i think when you have four americans killed by terrorists and you have an administration that failed to respond in a timely way, then covered up the entire thing, then lied about what caused it, and up to this day is not telling the truth, you have a morale obligation on behalf of the people who died for their country to raise the issue. >> you actually changed my view on something. the thing you said the other night with us is that it got pushed up to election day because this started on september 11th because the
administration didn't answer questions and actually i hate to say a silly story when four are dead but the administration is the reason why this is being discussed about anybody. >> they could have told the truth on the 12th of september and it would be over. >> here we are. what will happen after, do you think there will be hearings on it? >> sure. you can't have an incident of this scale. this is an american ambassador. first one killed frankly since jimmy carter was president. three other americans died in the fight. we had all sorts of secret documents there. the whole thing is a total mess. and i think that you -- the congress has an obligation to look into it. by the way, the other big thing they have to look into is the total failure of the department of homeland security to learn the lessons of katrina. you watch the next three or four weeks. everything you are seeing on staten island is the government that barack obama thinks is competent enough to handle your healthcare. this is a really bad situation.
because of the presidential campaign it's not getting the attention it should be getting. >> speaker, thank you. >> thank you. >> and wisconsin will matter and vice president candidate paul ryan is about to rally his hometown crowd one more time. can the republican ticket take the badger town? that's next. and what about the evangelical vote? it was a huge vote in '08. is the media underestimating the impact of the evangelicals this year? sarah palin is here. she's been talking to the evangelicals. that's coming up.
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>> in one hour and forty minutes the first policy open in a small two towns in new hampshire. right now the last push. paul ryan is getting ready to rally supporters in his home state of wisconsin. there are no recent polls that show gov. romney leading in wisconsin but is the romney-ryan ticket going to prove them wrong? mr. priebus joins us from wisconsin. >> we wish you were here back home. it's getting cold out here but
we think it will be a great day tomorrow. we are just excited about paul coming home. it's an important nice for him. everybody is here to welcome paul. it's going to be a great night and we are going to bring it home tomorrow. >> what is your ground game in wisconsin? how extensive? >> it's huge, greta. i mean, we've got the biggest ground operation this party has ever seen. we've made more voter contacts by phone and door to door than all of '08 and all of '04 combined. we are ready to go here. we've got a good operation. we think we are better than the democrats here. we have done a whole lot of winning lately. but you know what, we are fighting for something and that's the future of america. the other guys, they are fighting for the reputation of barack obama. i think we have all the energy on the ground and the democrats don't. >> you know, it's sort of interesting. congressman ryan is also on the ballot to run for the house. he's actually running for two things, is he not, in that state? >> yeah.
you can vote for paul ryan twice. i'm going to be able to do that tomorrow, vote for him for congress, vote for him as our nominee for vice president. it will be a great day tomorrow and i'll be in kenosha to cast my ballot for mitt romney and do my part to help save america. >> it's interesting gov. romney is campaigning in pennsylvania. do you see pennsylvania as in play? that was thought of as being a win for president obama. but president clinton is there, now gov. romney is going back? >> yeah, well, we see it as a tied race right now in pennsylvania. you know, you pick up those 20 electoral votes, you see pennsylvania turning red, it's over basically. so, you know, we are really competitive there. we spent a lot of money there lately, about 95% of everyone in pennsylvania votes tomorrow. it's not a big early vote state
or absentee ballot state. that's why we are able to come in late in pennsylvania and have a huge impact there. so we are looking good. i just came back from michigan. the people there are feeling great about what's happening there. break to romney late. ohio is good for us. pennsylvania is looking interesting. in one of those three states comes in for mitt romney, it's a mitt romney presidency. we feel good about how we are breaking late. momentum with romney. it will be a good night for us tomorrow. >> can you give me a description of your ground game in ohio? because most people keep going back to ohio. is that the make-or-break for either campaign? >> yeah. >> i suspect we are beyond the point of people need to go decide. it's getting people to the polls. what do you have on the ground there? >> well, for one thing, i mean, we've got the biggest operation we've seen. i think even karl would tell you it's bigger than with a we did in '04 and '308. it's something that we haven't -- we have been seen i think in ohio ever.
but the reality, though, is that we've overperformed by about 120,000 early in absentee ballots vote in ohio. the democrats have underperformed by about 100,000 ballots from '08. remember we lost by a couple hundred thousand. that's a 220,000 vote swing already going into election day. when you look at those polls in ohio, the one thing that's consistent is that on the question of if you are voting on election day, who are you voting for, mitt romney or barack obama, we are winning by six or seven points. so if you look at the fact that they are underperforming, we've had a 200,000-vote swing early on absentee ballot vote, we win on election day tomorrow in ohio, that spells a mitt romney victory. you know, of all the polls out there, they are tied or in the margin. but if you look underneath at the ground game and what we are doing in ohio, and pennsylvania
and here in wisconsin, people should be very confident that tomorrow night during the 11:00 news hour out east and 10 , too, central, mitt romney is going to be giving a very good speech and it's going to be a good night for him tomorrow. >> you think it's going to be that early? >> well, i think it's going to be right on time. i feel good about where we are at. we have done everything, i think, right on the ground. mitt romney has been masterful in october. the president has not delivered a message to this country that's coherent or is something we can grab on to. we don't know what the obama plan is even tonight. what we are telling people all across the midwest, tell your friends who are voting for. tell them you are voting for mitt romney, tell them why you are voting for mitt romney, hit all of your e-mails. we going to win tomorrow and i have to tell you, we will be celebrating. >> peince, thank you very much. we will be watching to see if your predictions will be right. thank you. >> you bet.
we feel good. >> up next, alaskan gov for sarah palin. will the eval gel cal vote make a difference for romney? will they come out for him tomorrow? and some are getting ready to cast a ballot in 1 hour 30 minutes. the polls open in two new hampshire towns. that's coming up. doctor told mem is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. [ husband ] transfer! [ male announcer ] free data transfer at home. you just deleted all the photos! you did! no you did! [ male announcer ] or free data transfer when you buy a windows 8 computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade.
>> how important is the evangelicals vote. former alaskan gov. sarah palin joins us. good evening, governor. >> good evening, greta, how are you? >> i'm good. i see many of the swing states, the evangelical vote is 25, 30%. not an insignificant group of people if you are running for office. i'm curious, your thoughts, will they go out for gov. romney this year? >> you know what? i think that after many of the faith-based community witnessed what happened at the dnc at the democratic convention months ago for the first time in america's history the reigning political party tried to boot god out of their written platform, i think that riled up some of the faith-based community and they decided they are going to come out and exercise their right to vote. certainly i hope that they will because some surveys show that only about 50% of the christian population is registered to vote and only about half of that
registered population actually shows up to the polls. so it's a strong voting block. it's very inclusive and quite tolerant as opposed to what the mainstream media wants people to believe about the christian voting block. >> they said this year there is the largest voter registration, a get out the vote effort, and i know you did a robo call for his organization, as well as some others did. and it's almost been sort of -- i haven't heard anything about it. i wonder if it's sort of as we exam what we think is going to happen tomorrow whether we have taken into account the vote? >> i think the mainstream america would like to ignore in more than one way is this vote. president obama exercising of this diminished religious freedom we so appreciate in
america. president obama has put a wet blanket over that when you consider what obamacare is about and things that violate the religious conscience. the mainstream media wants to pretend the voting block isn't there and that's why they don't cover it that much. mainstream media wants to people to believe the voting block of evangelicals are a bunch of white voters who are bitterly clinging to their god and their constitution. when really if you consider the different demographics represented in the voting block, say in central florida, the voting block evangelicals is made up of hispanics and in virginia the asian population is the growing evangelicals voting block. quite diverse and quite tolerant but quite willing to stand strong on principles, on what our charters talked about with respect to god being the center of our nation and our laws and
wanting to exercise that right to vote to express that opinion. >> you mentioned hispanics. your party has not been very successful in courting the hispanic vote historically. i don't know how much attention has been paid this year. we will see after the numbers roll in tomorrow. i'm curious, has the republican party not paid enough attention to hispanics, and do the hispanics not find a place in the republican party? >> the hispanic population certainly should feel welcome in the republican party. so many his spanition or pro family, pro life. they believe the child is the most wonderful ingredient in the sometimes mixed-up world we are in today and that's much of their foundation natural belief in being pro life. they want economic opportunity for themselves and for their children in order to be allowed a good job. so the points in the republican platform represent the things that can provide those things
for hispanics. now as for strategy and the higher arcky of the republican party and how they have reached out to hispanics, i can't answer that because i don't know what the higher arcky in the party does when it comes to strattizing this that hospital. certainly the republican party is a large tent. >> as i talk to you, i met you four years ago when you were on the ticket -- actually i met you with 2004 when you were mayor in alaska as i was covering the republican convention in new york. but i'm thinking as i talked to you, four years went fast, didn't it? >> it went by very quickly. it's amazing to be here on election eve and still haven't really had a chance to take a deep breath and think about everything that's happened in these four years. but our country certain has moved forward in many ways that aren't necessarily go for the country but tomorrow we have a chance to take it back and put america back on the right track. greta, real quickly, when it comes to the evangelicals too, i
think they have the same values and principles when it comes to voting and what's important to them in that ballot booth. but perhaps they take quite seriously that teaching in the old testament, specifically in second chronicle 714 where it says the almighty said if my people called by my name will humble themselves and pray and will turn from ways that are wrong then the almighty will come in and solve problems and heal the land. and i think that that realization in that verse really has inspired a lot of evangelicals this go-round to get out there and vote tomorrow. >> you will be on tomorrow night to discuss the returns as they come in so i'll see you then. thank you for appearing. >> thank you. >> and in one hour and 20 minutes, the polls opening in two towns in new hampshire. election day 2012 is starting. our pretty cal panel is here to tell you what to expect. that's next. ranger 800 midsize.
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>> our panel breaks down the swing states in 60 seconds. first let's go to, in for the headlines. >> hey, greta, thank you. a week after superstorm sandy slammed the east coast, folks are bracing for a nor'easter wednesday. it could come up the coast and pass within 50 or 100 miles of the already battered new jersey coastline. it's expected to bring 55 miles an hour winds and flooding in coastal areas where sandy already wiped out natural beach defenses and protective dunes. and plans are in place by folks hit hard by the storm to go and vote n new jersey they are delivering ballots to emergency shelters. voters than e-mail or fax in their votes. and buses will take people to voting stations. power will be restored in most
polling locations and they will be open. now back to greta. in just over 60 minutes from right now in the swing state of new hampshire the first election day voters will cast their votes for president. with time now running out, which can date will win the battleground states in joining us with our political panel in new york, stotterd and michael crawly and chief political correspondence byron. you mentioned the fool's gold remark about pennsylvania so i will go to you. what's the story on pennsylvania? >> i can go back on that now, can i? >> we have tape of everything now. >> the republicans think there's a real possibility there. mitt romney is going there on the election day after going there yesterday. they clearly think something is going on in pennsylvania, but i think i'm going to stick with my analysis. pennsylvania is a state that republicans get excited about at
the end after campaign and then is goes democrat. >> maybe in a short time new hampshire starts up. they will start voting in two nice little tiny towns in new hampshire. who gets new hampshire some. >> i this in a tie it goes to mitt romney. it's a state he knows them well. he has a residence there. it borders -- it's next to massachusetts and their old friends. i think in a race that tight it just doesn't seem like obama is going to win new hampshire to me. >> michael, iowa? >> well, the polls in iowa have been flipping back and forth a little bit. if i had to place a bet i would go to the des moines register, the big newspaper in the state which does some very good polling. they had a poll had the president up by five points. the follow is a few days old now. the last several days we had around the hurricane were generally good for the president so i would give the president the edge there. >> what is interesting in iowa is "the des moines register"
endorsed obama in '08 and this time mitt romney. >> that's true. although -- and the president call the register, did this off-the-record interview with them, it was controversial but he did it off the roar. he was working them hard and wanted the don't meant. their circulation is down. not sure they had the same impact they used to. >> my sense is there is an enormous amount of energy in the southern part. obama's lead in the north earn part of v. will not be as big. it was surprising obama won in '08 in a hugely democratic year so i think it's going with romney this time. >> well, others say president obama is going to win and they give it actually pretty sizable margins and you say what to them? >> i think they could be right. i think romney can win small and he can win very big.
i think if president obama witness he eeks it out with a small margin. it's entirely possible the republicans are right and the model that the democrats are looking at is not correct and romney not only wins but wins big. i think there's a good chance if you look at all the states we are talking about that are so tight he wins small. >> and actually if he wins small, probably in ohio, we could run into trouble? >> ohio there's a big problem with professional voting. there could be a lot of confusion as to which balance although of acceptable. it could last for a week or longer. if you look at the average of polls in ohio in recent weeks, obama is leading in almost all of them. republicans look at a couple of things. they say, one, the president is not leading by as big a margin among early voters as he did in '08. mitt romney is going to win among those people who actually cast their votes on election
day. so if obama doesn't have a huge early voting lead, that won't help them. and they believe a lot of the evangelicals who came out to vote in huge numbers for george w. bush in '04, stayed home in '08, they will be back this time. >> and we haven't paid much attention to it until the other day. >> sure. evangelicals vote is really important. that was a group i think was slow to warm up to mitt romney. so we will find out whether he was able to rev up that part of the base as much as he needs to. this is a key question. mitt romney was a long time the nominee about the party wasn't that enthusiastic. people will remember how long it took him to get through the primaries. it does seem people are coming around. maybe in the final analysis the party will fall in love with him. they need to get over the cliff. >> stand by. there are more swing states to discuss so stay right with us. don't go away.
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>> which can date will take the badger state, wisconsin? your thoughts? >> i think the republicans take wisconsin. i think the excitement of paul ryan, in addition to the fact that the national party helped
scott walker in his recall effort there, stayed there for romney since june 5th where he had better numbers than he did in the original election. the republican party in wisconsin is fired up and i think romney will win it? >> for those very same reasons i think the republicans have a better organization, stronger organization in wisconsin than i think they have ever had because of the whole scott walker thing. i think that will serve them well. but we should point out in all of these races, president obama is ahead and he's ahead a little bit. >> in all the polls in wisconsin. >> yeah. so this is kind of a feeling thing that people have. if you look at the polls, the president is ahead. >> that's right. i think the same thing we talk about new hampshire earlier. the same thing applies. there's a clear obama lead. will there be an extra push they haven't picked up? and these intangibles could come
into play on election day, but i find the numbers a safer bet right now. >> one thing about wisconsin too, a couple other things, one is congressman paul ryan has been elected and re-elected in a democratic district, you know, every two years for a number of years and that's surprising. people generally like him. some may not agree with him, obviously the democrats don't agree with him, but the democrats still voted for him in his district or appeared to. the other thing is people forget reince priebus is popular in the state. and they are likable guys in the state. >> there is sort of something there right now that would make you think that republicans could turn a state that they haven't won, correct me if i am wrong, but since 1984, i believe. so it's a state that have the democrats but things in place they could change that. >> and they did knock off a long
time democratic senator, so they have had a lot of success. >> michigan? >> michigan stays with obama, i think. i don't think there's enough tracks there at this point for romney to take it. the auto bailout and on and on. all that michigan is my home and stuff has never really worked for hip. i just don't think -- i don't see the numbers there to make me think he takes it. >> i don't think so either. do you? >> no. it's a state he should be doing better. michigan's unemployment is about 9%, i think. it's really, really high. it's a terrible situation. but the president is way ahead there. >> and a counter point to that is unemployment is high there but i think the rate of decline has been very steep since the bailout. in other words, it hit sky high levels higher than the national average but the bailout, i think people there may have a sense that they are healing as a result of the bailout and that's obviously very important to the president. >> detroit is a wreck. i mean, the city of detroit is a national disgrace almost. nobody has been able to do anything for detroit.
>> sure. they are tearing down houses. >> but i was there for a week during the republican primary in michigan, and there was some campaigning around that area, but republicans really paid no attention to the issue of detroit. it was interesting when romney got kid rock to endorse him and come perform and romney plays kid rock's songs every single rally, kid rock's price of endorsement is you are going to pay attention to detroit if you are elected president and romney promised he was but a wasn't a big part of the republican primary. >> the wars tomorrow night, obviously not wars but recounts and allegations of fraud and everything else? >> that's what we are hearing so far. we are hearing accounts about people worried that people are up to no good at polling places. i do worry about what byron mentioned which is the provisional ballots in ohio. if the margins are really tight there and we are recounting, those aren't finished counting until november 17th and that
just sounds like a nightmare to me. >> the margin has to be really tight. as i understand it, the number of provisional ballots is small enough, the number of them would only come into play if the vote was extremely close, closer than 2004 carrying bush >> panel, thank you. >> thank you. >> and come up, the first election polls open in about 64 minutes. our election eve coverage continues. that's next. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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